24 oz. Woven Roving- 50" width

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  • Great for boat building
  • Builds up thickness quickly
  • Pairs well with chopped strand mat
  • Adds strength
  • 3 Yard Folded Pack
  • 10 Yard Roll
  • 15 Yard Roll
  • 20 Yard Roll
  • 25 Yard Roll
  • Full Roll
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Woven roving is a heavy, coarse plain weave fabric. Bundles of roving are woven together loosely at 90 degrees. The input rovings are designed to give a controlled wet-out with excellent laminate properties. The construction gives a bi-directional (0º/90º) reinforcement and the strength of continuous filaments. It is good for flat surfaces. Woven roving is typically layered with fiberglass mat (chopped strand mat).



3 Yard Folded Pack, 10 Yard Roll, 15 Yard Roll, 20 Yard Roll, 25 Yard Roll, Full Roll