Partall Paste #2

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  • “The Original Green Wax”
  • General purpose polishing compound
  • Mold release
  • Use prior to Partall Film #10
  • Ships within one business day
  • 12 oz
  • 7 lb
  • 25 lb
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Partall Paste #2, "The Original Green Wax"  is a mold release and general purpose polishing compound made from a blend of hydrocarbon and micro-crystalline waxes. It is recommended that a Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) solution be used in conjunction with PARTALL Paste #2 on molds that are particularly intricate or too expensive to risk de-molding problems.

Rub it on evenly.  Let it dry between layers but don’t let it dry too long, as it will be more difficult to wax off.  Apply the wax as you would when waxing a car.  Several layers are recommended.



12 oz, 7 lb, 25 lb