Epoxy Resin 4:1 Kit

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  • Metal and plastics adhesive
  • Clear, tough, high gloss
  • 4:1 mix ratio with fast, medium or slow hardeners
  • Ships within one business day
  • Slow
  • Medium
  • Fast
  • 1.25 Quart Kit
  • 1.25 Gallon Kit
  • 5 Gallon Kit
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4:1 mix ratio. This epoxy resin features 100 percent solids. It has low viscosity (allowing fast and efficient wet out of reinforcement materials). It featured good chemical resistance and low shrinkage. It is relatively clear, has low odor and low toxicity.

DOWNLOAD: Fast Hardener: TDS Medium Hardener: TDS Slow Hardener: TDS | Part A: SDS Fast Hardener: SDS Medium Hardener: SDS Slow Hardener: SDS


Slow, Medium, Fast

Kit Size: 

1.25 Quart Kit, 1.25 Gallon Kit, 5 Gallon Kit