Breather Fabric- 4 oz. X 60"

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  • Good breather for low pressure cures
  • Conforms well
  • Can be used as a bleeder at any pressure
  • Vacuum bagging
  • 10 Yard Roll
  • 20 Yard Roll
  • 30 Yard Roll
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Orca Composites Breather fabric is a synthetic fiber material (like quilt filling fabric) that absorbs any excess resin from the laminate during vacuum bagging. It controls the air flow as the air passes through the bag as well. It should be used around the area where the vacuum fittings/port connect to the bag and laminate flanges.  This is so that resin does not get sucked up into the vacuum. It acts as a resin trap. Ships within one business day.



10 Yard Roll, 20 Yard Roll, 30 Yard Roll