Fiberglass fabric, also known as fiberglass cloth, is a great choice when you are looking for a light weight, strong part.  It must be used with a resin system (polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy) to create a composite part. The fiberglass gives the part it’s strength. It is used in a variety of applications.  Boats, wind turbines, bathtubs, surfboards, kayaks, canoes etc. The fabrics we carry at our East coast location are generally used in boat and marine applications Type  #1522 and #3733 are our most common surfboard fabrics.  They can also be used on canoes, kayaks and boats.

Type #1522 is a nice, smooth 4oz. fabric. Surfboard hobbyists use it to coat foam core.  It can also be used as a surfacing layer. It creates a clear, transparent laminate when saturated with resin.  This cloth wets out easily.

Type #3733 is a 5.6oz., aka sailboat fabric. This fabric is often used on surfboards and general purpose projects. Style 7500 also falls in the boat/marine category.

Type #7500 is the most popular general purpose fabric and also a great boat making cloth.  It is widely used in the fiberglass industry. It is good for making molds. It is typically used after the mat layer in a mold.  It gives it strength. It is also used in boat construction and repair.

We also carry 50 yard rolls of fiberglass tape in widths from 1” to 6”.  They have selvage edges that keep it from un-ravelling. They do NOT have an adhesive backing.  Just like our regular fabrics, they are meant to be used with resin. Our fiberglass tapes work well on smaller applications or if you will be winding. They are also often used on glass seams and in repair work. All of our fabrics are pretty easy to handle. Remember, you will want to choose the best weight of fabric for your project but you will also want it to be strong enough. Save Save Save