Fiberglass RC Yacht

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Dave, one of our customers, made this great RC Yacht.

From Dave:

Hi, just wanted to say thank you again for your support and awesome products.  This RC yacht was created using 2 layers of 4 oz and 1 outside layer of .75oz,  along with your resins,  fumed silica and glass bubbles.  Great results,  I couldn't be happier :)


A list of products used:

Epoxy Resin- Part A

Epoxy Hardener 2:1- Part B

Style #1522 4 oz. X 50″ Fiberglass Cloth

Style #106 .75 oz x 38″ Fiberglass Cloth

Fumed Silica

Glass Bubbles


Laminating fiberglass fabric to the hull of an RC yacht

Weighing fiberglass hull after removing plug

Adding wood to fiberglass hull of RC yacht

Fiberglassing boat keel of RC yacht

Adding electronics to fiberglass RC yacht

Prepping RC Yacht for paint

Fiberglass RC Yacht with new purple paint.

Taking fiberglass RC yacht out to sail.

Finished purple fiberglass yacht sailing on the water.