Lemonade Stand Repair with fiberglass mat, resin and gel coat.

Anthony, the owner of the Lemonade Factory in Farmingdale, Illinois, needed some advice on how to repair his lemonade stand. It was made many years ago and had suffered some damage during transit to different sales venues. We helped him choose which product to use in the repair. He had initially thought repair the damaged areas with fiberglass and resin and then to re-paint the lemon. But after talking with us, he decided that gel coating the lemon would look better and last longer.

Here are photos of what he did. This is a photo of the lemonade stand before starting the repair job.


First, he started by removing the old paint and prepping the surface for repair.

removing old paint before fiberglass repait

The picture shows a few spots that have been repaired with 1.5 oz Fiberglass Mat and P-16a Ortho General Purpose Laminating Resin.

repairing fiberglass on a lemonade stand

Repair job is complete and ready for gel coat.

fiberglass and resin repair before gel coat

Anthony used our Safety Yellow Gel Coat and Air Dry Super Clear Coating/Additive. The Super Clear Additive really makes the gel coat pop.

fresh gel coat lemonade stand

fresh gel coat lemonade stand

The lemon looks great!


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